MUFON 74941

thought was plane ,but was going to fast ,,so only got a glimpse when it was close sihanookville beach 28 fenuary @6.40-6.45 only one flight path over sihanookville that you ever see planes and thats running directly above and along the beach. beach runs in a south east -north west direction the sun had set below the horison , the sky above us was still light as there was only a little cloud about . noticed what a asumed to be a plane maybe 100 metres away and about the same hieght thought it was strange that it was coming from overland and heading west ,but there was old patrol boats moored just offshore so thoufgt it was milatery, the initial glimpse i got was what looked to me an old mirage fighter jet , with two bright green lights at the end of each wing , did not see any type of tail finns, just from 1 wing tip to the other was straight,thats the only structial glimpse i got coz i didnt realise at the time to get a better look,,it was out over the water so fast ,that i thought definatly milatery,,after seeing many f-16 and other jets in darwin it was easily there speed ,,,BUT NO NOISE , f-16,s are very loud , this thing was nothing, only noise i could hear was the slight waves lapping at the shoreline , craft was well out over the bay when green lights turned red and it changed to a northerly direction , i asked the people sitting on the next table if they could see this as well ,he said he could .couple on next table to him were ajso watching and pointing , craft headed north dor a few more seconds then turned west and gained altitude , then what looked like it droped altitude and went out of sight whole experiance @15 seconds , no idea what it was ,ps i dont know the degress so have put 45 in that box
Source ID74941