MUFON 74833

white sphere About 1500hrs above Regal House Gibraltar Europe. Clear skies no rain some wisps of cloud, wind east to west. Flash in sky looked up and saw white sphere,came out of a circular bright light. Like a portal, no sound just a flash. Portal disappeared, this thing hovered and then moved away and changes direction fro west to east an d raised up, HEARD A WIERD HUM or whistle BOTH. Moved over rock of Gibraltar lost sight,MUSThave gone over med sea towards Spain. White sphere sometimes a green flash very bright vivid green beam shot out. About 15 people watched it fly over rock of Gibraltar,stopping and starting. Sorry did not take any photos but someone their told me he would put his video on u tube. SORRY CANT BE MORE HELPFUL JUST WANT TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST. Sorry cannot give my personal details this would get me dismissed from my job, sorry. TRY DO A SKETCH
Source ID74833