MUFON 74122

Almost transparent UFO with a shiny white light suddenly emerging from bottom part of it. The sky was cloudy and chill and I was going to my car after getting out of this festival there was a lot of people there balloons and stuff. It was around 7 pm and I see this weird looking spherical or diamond shaped object in fact they were two of them one flying behind and slightly above the other by around 20-40 meters moving in the same speed. The objects had a very dim light on the bottom and then suddenly after they passed us the light increased in intensity it wasnt a flash it was like turning a candle on. It was a very bright white light and they kept increasing in altitude to the point where they reached for the near cloud cover and disappeared. I have witnessed this with a friend and a bunch of three people who were just surprised since I was trying to take a picture but I took only one where while my flashlight was on so it wasnt that perfect I was also trying to take video but I couldnt since they moved fats and disappeared. One more thing there was an airplane and I saw it just seconds before seeing the UFOs. Also one bizarre thing happened. My phone charge and it is an Iphone 4 was around 70% and suddenly not in the same moment the UFOs were witnessed but after some few hours I found my phone totally dead black screen and not response. I sudden battery failure?? it was weird. I put it on the charger and it was fine but I still dont understand how from 70% while I didnt use it at all then suddenly drops to 0% like its not charged. Maybe it has to do with the UFOs?? Who knows. But am quite sure its not a plane or a balloon or anything else. It was moving quietly smoothly and it was two of them and they were pretty close like less than 100 meters above us. So I think they were Aliens after all.
Source ID74122