MUFON 73930

i was outside with my extented family mom was there...night turned into broad day light.. i was outside with my family seated suddenly something bright that turned night into broad daylight moved on top off us like if it were a shooting star within a period of 2 to 3 went into the house to tell dad but dad never minded about it..i was only about 9 years old..but we just believed it was a shooting star that comes out every fifty years and maybe fell into the desert which is not possible ... now that i am grown now i like to believe that maybe it was an asteriod that had hit the atmosphere of the earth but still it was close...again one day during day time i climbed on top of a tall tree that had branches cut off ...i was on the heighest peak of the tree suddenly a fast thing like eagle shaped but grey in color and maybe about 50 meters long moved above me and dissapeared in front of me transit time about 3 seconds again..i could not believe what had happened but i know what had happened but i didn't tell any one about it...i had crazy 2009 i was in a different city far away from my hometown in boardind was at night when i was coming from the deputy head house from buying food suddenly as i was about to leave the yard tiny dots of yellow lights appeared in front of me forming a tiny disc like the size of two basketballs put together about 15 steps away from me suddenly went on ...when it went on i heard i small sound like *teen* and suddenly went of again ..making me to be freaked out ...i was confused knowing what i saw..i was confused whether to believe that aliens exist or not but i knew what i saw was real i just kept quiet about it...sometimes when i am sleeping i feel like if i am paralysed ...struggling hard just to wake up..trying by all means trying to move my hands and open my eyes but i believe the paralyse part has nothing to do with alien abduction
Source ID73930