MUFON 73803

{cak} One black triangle shaped ufo hovering with flashing different colored lights on all 3 sides of object. Date of Sighting: 1/1/16 Location of Sighting: Thermopolis, Wy Time of Sighting: 12:30 a.m. Number of UFOs Seen: One Weather: Clear Cloudless Sky, Around Zero Degrees Reporter of Sighting: Woman 59 years of age; employed in legal profession and work for the federal government. Equipment used for Sighting: Binoculars I was in a motel room on second floor. I wanted to try out my new binoculars, so went outside on the balcony. I immediately noticed flashing colored lights in one area. I focused the binoculars on the lights. The ufo I saw was in the sky, and was a black triangle with different colored lights flashing on all 3 sides of the object. The ufo was hovering and appeared to be not moving in any direction. The colored lights on the 3 sides of the ufo were flashing. I stayed on the balcony for half an hour, despite the zero degree temperature because the object fascinated me and I wanted to be certain it was not a plane or a planet. The flashing lights outlined a black triangle so the shape of the ufo was definitely a triangle. I zoomed my binoculars in on other objects i.e. stars, etc. The stars had no colored lights and were not flashing; they were stationary white stars. I finally concluded this was definitely a triangle shaped ufo with various colors of flashing lights on all 3 sides of the triangle, and that the object was hovering in the sky. The next night on 1/2/16, I went outside on balcony at same time and the object was not in the night sky.
Source ID73803