MUFON 73643

One to 3 flashing red-blue-white circles larger than a planet that are stationary, then move erratically, and have been observed at nights for the last two years. In JAN 2014 I first observed what I thought was the planet Mars from my house in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Cayo district, Belize in the SSE sky at about a 15 deg elevation. Then I spotted Mars. The orb was somewhat larger than observable planets, was white, brighter than Sirius or Saturn, and instead of shimmering like planets, flashed intermittently the colors red and blue, with red predominantly at the top and blue beneath. The orb would remain stationary and for about 10 % of the time would move erratically, unlike any known aerospace vehicle. In the first sighting, it fluttered downward like a leaf, then upward and to the right, held its position for another few minutes, then repeated the fluttering, held, then faded out. Since that sighting, more frequent observation of the sky has been made and up to three of these orbs have been spotted at the same time, in positions S, SSE, and E, at elevations varying from 15 to 45 deg above the horizon. As of the fourth quarter of 2015, every time I have looked for them, I observed them. They are commonplace. Neighbors have confirmed my sightings and several other people have observed them with me and noticed their movements. I first thought that saccadic eye movements might account for the motion, but by obscuring the orb with a stationary object, they would move out from behind it. These orbs have no surface details other than the flashing colors. They appear to be miles away, the central one being at least over or beyond Belmopan, about 20 miles away from where I observe, and in its direction. They move within certain soft bounds, remaining in roughly the same position in the sky, on average. Total range of motion in both dimensions is about + and - 3 deg. I live on a jungle hilltop where any artifacts in the sky such as airplanes are infrequent. The regularity - almost predictability - of the occurrence of these orbs leads me to suggest that others in the region observe the night sky for them too.
Source ID73643