MUFON 73537

Stationary for 2 hours. Bright lights faded in and out Woke up around 5am and went outside where I saw a bright light, almost like head beams. This happened on 1/1/16. I thought nothing of it until about 10 minutes passed and it seemed like it was heading straight up until it disappeared then down. It stayed there for a while then repeatedly did the same thing. Around 7 I went back outside and the object wasn't as bright and seemed higher in the sky but yet was in the same spot. It eventually faded out then never came back. It was yellowish and had a flashing red light. The following day I went out at 5am and saw it again 1/2/16. This time brighter and it had red and green flashing lights. It was stationary this time. From the corner of my eye I saw something moving and realized the second object was a satellite. It passed over the stationary object and kept going. Around 6:40am I went back outside and the object was still stationary but not as bright. After filming some of it, I went inside and took screenshots of the video and noticed it was like a disk shape. No color in the middle but lights around it. It also changed many colors. I don't feel any different just curious and a little startled. Planes move, helicopters wouldn't be Stationary that long and a satellite moves like the one I saw. Im just curious what it could be.
Source ID73537