MUFON 73533

{dr}Observed a glowing orange object above textile road while driving east along textile road. While driving east bound on textile road we noticed an object hovering over the road near textile and Cherrywood Dr. The portion of the object that was visible was orange in color however in total it looked that it was much lager with the majority of the object shrouded in a mist. My wife felt that the object was higher in the sky well above the trees but I perceived it to be only feet above the road at treetop level of just below treetop level. We drove directly under the glowing area of the object and I looked at it carefully as I slowed the car. The glowing portion of the object was very obscured and displaying multiple colors. I think the best way to describe it would be as if you were looking through a lens shrouded in a mist which refracted the light into a rainbow of colors. My observation was that I perceived an appendage or mast that protruded from this area of the object and I believe it was generating the mist that shrouded the rest of the object, there looked to be a lot going on with changing shapes, patterns and colors. Again I believe the object was only 20 to 30 feet above us at this time. I pulled our car into Cherrywood Dr. and my son and I exited to get a better look however the object was gone. My wife at this time expressed concern that a man on the sidewalk was staring at us so we got back in the car, turned it around, turned right back onto Textile road and continued eastbound along Textile road. As we were turning back onto Textile we acquired the object again only this time it was east of us traveling north crossing over Textile road. Watching the object as we drove along the highway it changed direction and began traveling in a northeasterly direction. It was traveling slowly and was darting from side to side as it moved in a northeasterly direction. Judging size and distance was difficult as my wife believes it was much higher in the sky whereas I'm certain it could not have been much higher than 30 feet above us. Very weird and very strange.
Source ID73533