MUFON 72884

{jpg} Spotted an object traveling at a high rate of speed. I t did a near absolute right angle turn and flew north from Yuma, Co. I stepped out onto my north porch to look for my dog and something above me to the east caught my attention as I looked at it I saw it moving at a very high rate of speed, silent and in two seconds it passed at about 55 degrees to the north above me and abruptly did a right turn. It made a slight and very tight curve to the north and shot away in another second. Nearly a sharp 90 degree turn. I have never seen any plane or chopper ever do that. I am a former Navy aircraft mechanic, 1977 Honorable discharge USN, last duty station was NAS, North Island, San Diego, Calif. My father is a Air Force Master Sergeant/Tail Gunner on B-52. I know aircraft and what they can do and this seemed impossible. The g-force of that turn would have been brutal. Not a sound at all. It took approx. 6 seconds to go from east of Yuma about 4 miles when I first saw it, to about ten o'clock to my left and shoot north and was gone. NOT any sound at all. Three lights fairly close together. It may have been very large but it was difficult to tell. If it was small it was very close to me. If it was very large it could have been several miles away. I ran inside and told my mother I care for about it and posted it on my facebook and then ran back out to see if there was any other sign of it. After looking and watching and waiting for about five minutes I went back in and added some more to my facebook post and then it suddenly dawned on me that I should report this to MUFON. I once saw a craft above the Rocky Mountains as a teenage in High school with several friends in 1974. It was gigantic and was casting a shadow over several peaks in the mountains to the west of Denver and almost as quick as I saw it and pointed it out to my friends and they saw it, it went from gigantic to a pin point in less than two seconds and was gone west from Denver. Then one other time in 1983, at night walking my wife home from her bus stop I saw something making a swishing sound going over head but could not see what was making the air noise until I looked really hard and could see an oblong/oval shape of stars moving across the sky above us. I pointed out to my wife Sheryl and [removed/cms/jpg] she saw something moving but wanted to know what it was. It was silent as well and seemed to be very large and appeared to recreate the stars that were behind it on it's surface. The only way I even realized it was there was because the pattern of stars were shifting slightly as it went over our heads. It moved slowly compared to this sighting and the one in 1974. I seemed to feel ok at first after it flew away but within a half hour I felt sick, like severe indigestion and heartburn -[Name removed/cms/tg]
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