MUFON 72746

brightest star-like object I have ever seen in my life I usually sleep late at night and I came out at night to have a smoke I saw a shooting star recently and wishing to see another one I looked up to see a star glowing very bright as I kept looking I saw that it was moving I have never seen a star moving caught with curiosity I kept on looking and suddenly I noticed another star brighter than the previous one but triple the size I was confused but then I noticed they two were looking the same but in different sizes I brushed my eyes to see if I am seeing the conical light due to some dust in my eyes but not they were totally clear just to confirm I washed my face and came back again to see them i was more amazed to see the second star has risen near to the second one and even it was hovering in the same way like the first now I was sure they were not stars as stars never change positions so quickly I kept on staring at them for another half an hour and i saw two plane s fly by as i saw the second plane I struck to another star which was very faint but was. Moving In a constant straight line it was just moving steady without any Flickr of light i watced it move across the sky and then suddenly 10-15 smaller light came out of it and started flying around it in a circle and they kept on flying I watched in astonishment and watched till they disappeared from sight due to distance I was now sure these star like objects are not aircrafts and i clicked 3 photos with my mobile of the brightest one among those. After 2 hours of seeing them i called one of my friend to have. A look and he was also amazed to see the bright light. He also claimed he has never seen anything such bright in the sky. To make sure I traced them for 2 nights but I never saw them again.earlier that day I read the news that many other residents have seen ufo and a re posting them so I decided to share my experience too.
Source ID72746