MUFON 72053

{dr}Large orange light in sky slowly traveling N. Increased speed, turned red, got smaller. Lost it in the trees. Smoking a cigarette in yard. Looked up and saw large orange light similar to a burning ember after a fireworks explosion, only much larger. Light traveled due north at a speed slower than the lights from a plane. It seemed to not travel in a straight path but it didn't alter it's course. I knocked on the window to get my wife's attention. The light grew red and got smaller. By the time my wife came outside (15-20 seconds) I had lost it in the trees. I was sure at the time that it was a ufo. When I came in the house my wife reminded me it was Halloween and I started to suspect the sighting. This morning I think that if it was a hoax it was very well done. Not that I am an expert.
Source ID72053