MUFON 71845

Huge Mothership shaped like a Christmas cracker is my best description I was driving to a friend of mine and noticed on my left hand side in the sky an orange coloured cylindrical shaped object in a vertical position. The sun was going down at the time and I could make out that the object was in Earth orbit. I stopped driving as I first thought it was a reflection off my windscreen, when I got out the object could still be seen from outside and since the size with the naked eye was around an inch and a half I assumed that since it looked in Earth orbit it must have been miles long. I have never seen anything similar in my life, not that this was my first encounter with a ufo, but this was something else due to it's enormous size. I was just sorry I did not have my camera with me, something which I always carry with me from that day as I am really curious if someone else saw it.

Source ID71845