MUFON 7138

These were a series of 5 or 6 geometric shapes in a row, bright white with no visible features. My sister and I were playing in the yard at our grandparents farm when we noticed these objects in the sky to the NNW on a bright sunny day with absolutely no clouds. They would have been well above the horizon, but not more than about 151 from horizontal. These 5 or 6 pure white geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle) were in a straight line horizontally with space between them and with no visible connection. They appeared to be cut out pieces of white paper. It is difficult, with no other reference objects, to estimate how distant they were. I had the impression that they were perhaps 1 mile away or more and if I would have held up my hand vertically at arm's length it would probably have hidden them. I can still visualize them as clear as ever. These objects were not moving and as it was something we had not seen before, we watched for only 5-10 seconds and decided to go in and tell our grandmother to come and look. She came out immediately and we discovered that the objects had disappeared. They would have had to move very quickly to be out of sight in such a short time. We were certainly familiar with aircraft, but this sighting was so unique we were very perplexed. This is a prairie location with very little physical relief, so there was not much to obscure one's view unless an object descends close to the ground and goes behind the occasional poplar bluff. This is something that is still very clear in my mind even though it occurred 56 years ago and I was only 4 years old. I can still identify the exact spot where we stood when this sighting took place. My sister was one year older. I'm sure that if I visit the location again I could take a digital photo and superimpose the objects as I recall them. In all the material I've read or TV shows that have been presented over the years, I have never heard of anyone witnessing anything like this. If MUFON has had any similar report, I would like to hear of it. Sincerely, Rick
Source ID7138