MUFON 71358

{cak} Red spiratic flames on ground. from second floor saw round wall / windows I was between the North side of Holland and Zeeland. Saw red spiratic flames to the North and white light from a beam but sometimes flash to the South.. but they would go out but jump around. Went upstairs. Saw long or possibly round glowing yellowish lights inside a outlined same colored short but long wall. Up in the sky there was a darker area than the rest of the sky like a dark cloud or smoke going up. It's still there. It's been there for over an hour. I check the sky every night. Never saw lights there to the west ever before. I hope someone else reports this. I was Just thinking what in the world? This was like nothing I had ever seen beforeI had to get to bed. Too dark I guess. Camera couldn't pick t up very well.
Source ID71358