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UFO and extra-terrestrial sightings at a Buddhist stupa I reside in Sydney Australia. On a recent holiday to Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most intriguing Buddhist monuments in Sri Lanka - a Buddhist Stupa located in the middle of a remote wild life sanctuary. The stupa is known as the Somawathi Stupa and lately it has been drawing huge crowds because of various mysterious phenomena being reported at the stupa such as strange lights or rays of lights emanating from this stupa, mysterious sounds of drums and bells being heard from within the stupa, and even eye witness accounts of other dimensional beings frequenting the place. The Somawathi temple authorities have put out a large number of photos showing a number of anomalous events. One document that they have published (see attachment) clearly shows photos of what looks like a flying saucer hovering above the stupa. The same document also shows what looks like an extraterrestrial being showing up in a number of photos. The being that appears in these photos is about 1.5 feet in height with a large head and a spindly body. It looks grey or greyish brown. The being seems to have three pairs of limbs (two arms, two legs and somewhere from its midsection it appears to have another pair of small arms/appendages) In some photos the being is fully visible while in some others it appears to be only partially visible. It is amazing how clearly visible the being is, in some photos! I have attached here a scanned copy of the document published by the temple authorities showing all the photos I have described above. The Sinhalese text on the document can be translated as follows. The heading reads: 1The visitation of extraterrestrial beings on 14th February 2014 at 7.00pm, in what looks like a flying saucer, to Somawathi Stupa which contains Lord Buddha1s Right Tooth Relic,1 The paragraph at the bottom right hand corner reads: 1Photos taken by: Resident Monk of Somawathi Vihara, Venerbale Medhananda, Parliament Minster Jayawickrama Perera, and Rsident of Kadwatha, R. P. Gamini Ratnakumara.1 1Contact Cheif Monk of Somawathi Viharaya in Sungawila, Venerable Pahamune, Sri Sumangla, who is a retired lecturer and former section head at the University of Peradeniya, and Secretary of the Malwathu Oya Chapter on, phone numbers 0273279285, 071- 80860401 My first reaction to the photos was that 1are these photos photo- shopped?1 However, the temple authorities have openly published the names of the people who have taken these photos as well as a contact number to get in touch with the chief monk for any queries about the photos. I guess an analysis of the original photos could reveal if they are photo-shopped or not. In addition to the anomalous photos, there are eyewitness accounts of actual sightings of strange phenomena. So my gut feeling is that there might be some basis to these reports. I had a firsthand experience myself, on the night I stayed overnight in a facility not far from the stupa, which might be worth mentioning. I went up to the roof top to enjoy the cool night air. It was a very clear night and when I looked up at the sky in the direction of the Orion1s constellation, there was a blinking light in the sky. It blinked about every 12 seconds and at times seemed to be hovering in one spot while at times it moved in a very irregular manner. This was visible for about 20 minutes, then it completely disappeared. Myself and two other people witnessed this. I would like to pass on this information and the scanned photos in case it might spark your interest, and MUFON wishes to investigate further.
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