MUFON 70857

{jpg} 2 red/orange lights remained equidistant, hovering over area, changing direction, staying in/around clouds First was riding in car westbound on goodman rd. Saw the 2 strange lights (red/orange kind of flashing) behaving unlike typical aircraft, more like parts of one massive craft. They remained equidistant (from each other) although sometimes one or both would disappear above cloud cover.on return trip east bound, they were still hovering together, we pulled into a parking lot (cousin went inside to buy beer) lights went south then stopped moving/changed direction again (was observing them from stationary position in parking lot at that time ). They remained equidistant, reminding me of the 'black triangle' i saw years back, but if that's what this was, it kept one corner above cloud cover the entire time I observed. We then headed east where i lost sight of it/them. The lights remained localised to one area, as if they were doing aerial reconnaissance (like search helicopters, but silent, and only one big light per 'object' instead of the several lights typical of normal aircraft. I would say they were planets, if stars would have been visible and they didn't move so intelligently. Would have taken a photo but niece was playing minecraft on my phone. Plus i would have needed optical zoom to get anything decent. My cousin said airplanes would not change direction like that. Can't judge distance without knowing exact size, but i know where we drove and we drove on east and west of it, and right 'under', so i have a pretty decent estimation of what it was over. It kind of circled the area, but so slowly i can't say definite flight pattern.
Source ID70857