MUFON 70189

Lay down to sleep, awoke in a spaceship,events happened, injury on the way back. I had just seen my hubby off to work, probably around 6am My sons, Lee and Graham were still asleep being school holidays. I started feeling so exhausted all of a sudden so I decided to lay down for awhile. I must have fallen asleep, I was suddenly awakened and found myself in a large oval room. I was with a group of people and a man was talking to me in a very gentle voice, he was explaining something to me and showing me around in the sphere, (I don't recall anything he was telling me or what he looked like) I would like to be regressed. They eventually said its was time, I had to go back. I was told to lay down on an object, relax, keep my arms crossed over my chest and very important- not to move to stay perfectly still. I felt myself going down slowly, I was also told we were invisible to anyone around us, I was very nervous. As I was being lowered I heard a load droning noise, I was very frightened, a Boeing was directly below me!! I heard some of the men talking to one another saying "its too late to bring her back up"!! One said "we can pass her through the plane", I was told telepathically to stay perfectly still, when a saw the underneath of the plane I was so traumatized that moved my head to the left and felt a searing pain down the right side of my neck!! An urgent voice again -stay still!! I eventually was back on my bed. I got up after a few minutes and thought to myself, was that a dream?. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for my sons and myself. I could still feel a severe burning down my neck. I went to look in the mirror and sure enough there was an 8 inch burn mark on my neck!! I showed it to my sons and told them what had happened.

Source ID70189