MUFON 69961

Bright light over the ocean. Travels horizontally stops, then vertically stops, then disappeared. While vacationing in Aruba I observed a UFO. My friend and I was sitting at the rear of my hotel when a bright light moves horizontally across the sky over the ocean. It stops briefly, darts up vertically and stops. It then flew off at a 45 degree angle at such a high rate of speed that I only saw a brief light tail/trail before disappearing in less than one second. when I first saw it I knew it wasn't a plane, because it moved to fast, and it was too close to the ground. I was shocked at this sighting. It confirmed my skepticism about my religious beliefs.It changed my life forever. I now knew that anything was possible. I never doubted my ability again. I quit my job as a banker, became a successful entrepreneur. My friend and I were so traumatized that we never talked about it. We soon parted company. Over the next 10 years I didn't tell anyone out of fear. Since that time I have met others who have seen UFO's and actual beings outside the craft. My current wife saw a UFO as a child, and didn't talk about it until I shared my sighting with her.

Source ID69961