MUFON 69814

Basketball orb, very bright, `knocked` at window, scared like hell I was a young boy in about grade 3. I was hospitalized for an operation to my left ear. The event occurred at night before my operation in a hospital room and my only witness was sound asleep (he was in bad shape). I had my bed next to the window when awakened by a noise, and when I looked for the noise there it was, plain as day, an orb, at the window, hovering and hitting the window. The object was like a basketball lit up like a flashlight. I was scared like hell and hid under the blankets. I tried to make sense of what I had just seen, was it someone with a bright flashlight, could the noise be the flagpole, should I press the emergency button beside my bed? I mustered enough courage to look a 2nd time; the object was still there, but lower to my left towards a lower floor (my room was on an upper floor). Scared again, I went back under my blanket never to look back. The next day, I told my mother, but her non reaction reassured me implicitly that I shouldn1t have anything to be afraid of. I remember the event like it was yesterday because of the intense fear. (in real life, I'm a social worker)
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