MUFON 69553

time event successful misplaced timing. timing out of place. in 1960 I was three and a half years at home in port dover Ontario Canada.the electronic message received was to indicate the current year.i tried to find out the year however I was too young and it was not possible to get an adult to say nineteen sixty.this was and is a part of the us governments time expariments.the experiment was successful.electronic information was directed to the wrong time and place.interuptions in time have in the past and now are cueerntly disjointed.i did not know who to contact with this information please forgive me for contacting you as I did not know who to turn to.i made contact with americans to report this and overheard them on the phone they did not take me calls to try and contact the fbi resulted in being put in contact with a private security guard agency.there was no contacting the us authorities.there have been several time and place diruptions.there were no landmark indicators date time location groupings to set as a baseline for these expariments.several ufo researchers when trying to understand the alien technowedgies are having difficulties due to time displacements.this is the key the scientists are looking for.time and distance have been affected.there is only a small amount of time left to put some things the way they were supposed to be.places are missing the experiments as I said before are causing alternatative outcomes.these outcomes have resulted in outcomes which result in kaos.what needs to be done is to place markers in the desert one hundred meters apart in a square and indicate the date and tme including the year this is done so it is visible to the sky.this is much later than the us government needs it to be also other events must occur to stabilise the situation.this is not a ufo is the result of an experiment which was successful by the us government.why did they contact me I do not know.are there any others out there which have had the same experiences as me that is the question.if you choose not to contact me I will not pass anymore information foreward.thank you.

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