MUFON 69541

[rjl} A fairly detailed photograph of a My friends (husband & wife) were on vacation, driving their car near Yellowstone Nat'l Park WY June 22, 2015 about mid-day. He was the passenger and was taking digital photographs of the Grand Teton mountains as they approached them. When they got back home about 6/30/15, he down-loaded photos and reviewed them. A saucer-like object, except with some strange appendage at the "left end," is clearly visible in the blue sky in one of the photos, but not in the one a minute before or in the one a minute after. Just one lucky photo. Neither person actually saw anything visually that day; "it" just was seen upon reviewing his pictures. My friend (who would be available to talk to you if you are interested)was able to zoom-in on the object with his computer software at his house, and I was surprised by the amount of detail that he and I were able to see in or of this object. I asked him to give me the series of photos on a USB drive (from his computer I'm sure, but his actual camera is available). I wanted to mail you the USB drive for maximum resolution, but I wanted to talk with someone at MI-MUFON first. I am attaching the single photograph of the object for your review. Maybe you can get it as sharp as he was able to get it when he showed it to me on his computer. Can you tell my friend & I what this is? Are you interested in seeing the original photographic image(s)? Thank you, W.S. Portage, MI
Source ID69541