MUFON 6832

UFO Urgent short report for the kind attention of Mr.John Schuessler International Director Mutual UFO Network ---------------------- From Location.....Cairo.Egypt Shooting position.....Building roof Shooting/Recording tool....Panasonic video camera plus stable stand. Shooting time.....Few hours ago/16 Apr 2007-From 18.35.18pm-To 19.51.55pm. Total recording time....01.21hours.--on one tape. Orbit.....From Southeast to Northwest. Route and direction.....Over-Fly river Nile ,heading to Giza Pyramids. Speed.......Unknown. N.B It noticed ,in the biginning of recording it was in unknown very high altitude , after that noticed it starting to fly lower and lower ( without unavailable information regarding any atempt for landing ).During recording time it noticed also that was available to see it became more biger in size and more brighting in vision. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All mentioned informations sent now toghter with video sample and fotoes to MUFON ...Even before I add it to my web With my best wishes and regards and full respect to all of working-team at MUFON. Dr.Ibrahim UFO rechearcher/investivatot (Independent) Cairo.egypt
Source ID6832