MUFON 68230

3 separated blue lights..joined to become one big blue ligh.and changed speed Dear sir be notified. a possible ufo sighting was seen in mount sanin lebanon i live there it's a remote area nearest village is called Bchare- 15 km away this area has no flight activity by the government or the army. The sighting was seen as 3 Blue separated lights came down from the sky above that mountain that all 3 lights joined to become 1 big blue light remained like this for around 10 minutes moving left and right. than separated once again to 3 blue lights and with high speed they vanished leaving a trace of blue tale behind it. this is my first sighting i tried to take a photo but i could not. but i assure now i have my camera ready on a tripod to take photos and send it back to you. Note: A sudden wind appeared before i saw the blue lights.
Source ID68230