MUFON 66045

{jpg} seen this medium sized ufo whilst on a flight from Munster in Germany, travelling to glasgow. Our flight was in the air about 10mins. I was sitting in the window seat when I looked down and this black ufo was tracking the plane at the planes speed. I was serving in the army at the time of my sighting. We were flying home to Glasgow from Munster airport in Germany. We were in the air about 10 minutes or so when I looked out of my window. I was stunned and amazed to see this ufo flying just down to the left of the plane. It carried on tracking for at least 3 to 5 minutes. I turned round for a moment to point out to the guy sitting next to me, that there was an ufo outside the plane. I decided to say nothing for the fear of being mocked. When I looked out the window again the Ido was still there, then within a minute it sped off at an incredible speed. I haven't spoken to anyone about this sighting. It has just been lately that I have been watching hanger 1 on TV. It was then that I decided to contact you's at muffin. Since that day in 1976 I have been a firm believer that we are not alone. I have a great interest in the subject and therefore I thought I would share my story with you's. Thank you [name removed/CMS/jpg]. Ps I have no evidence, but this did happen.
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