MUFON 65991

{jpg} a beam of light down from the sky and landed on a cherry tree behind the house and then come on the ground throw it self at my mom i run in side the house to get a cutlass wen i came backit was stuck to the goat neck ans the dogs dident a Well my mom had been talking about the strange light land behind our house but we never took her seriously until 28may 2015 wen their was no water in the tap and she want to shower in a drum that's behind the house and ask me to come withe her because the back of the house dark while she showering am standing their going thru my messages on my phone and the phone screen did some strange colour and went blank wen I raise my head their was this bright white light hovering other cherry tree in front me thought it was my brother with a flash light but then I herd his voice in side talking to my cousin that's we I walk to wards the light and go got really bright I could not see any thing and I went blank for a few seconds then I herd my mom scream [name removed/CMS/jpg] that's the light u see u see I was not lying as she said that the light lunch it self at her she scream [item removed/CMS/jpg] then 2 other smaller brighter light came from behind the cherry tree I have never seen any thing move so fast and shine so bright and they still come around at after ten pm but my mom don't want us to try and catch them they always come in the same direction but takes off in any direction and shootsback up to the sky super fast here is a video
Source ID65991