MUFON 65953

black cigar shaped with lights 1983 - my sister and father where in different parts of our house but they both noticed a big cigar shaped object with lights falling from the sky, my sister got scared, at first she thought it was a bomb, the object was falling down and as it got between two building it freeze and after some seconds took off in amazing speed and got lost behind some far mountains. It was even reported in a greek newspaper back then, the ufo that appeared in the Athens sky after the rain. Summer of 1984 - my sister (a teenager back then) got back home late around midnight, she noticed the time because my father was angry she was late. She got to bed around 00.15 and as she was ready to sleep she heard 3 slight knocks on the shutter (we lived on the ground floor and there was a garden outside the window). Instead of her gettin scared (she does get scared easily!!!) she got up and placed her ear on the shutter, our dog (a german shepherd that was tied with a chain under the window in the garden) screamed (cryin not barking) and my sister jumped in shock like she just woke up, she noticed the clock, it was 3.00, she missed 3 hours! Next day the dog's chain was broken and the dog was missing, we found it some days later close to our house sick, the dog survived though. Summer of 1985 - my sister is gettin home again around midnight and she notices outside our garden a short guy (my sister is short, around 1.60 cm height, this guy was so short that his head was on her stomach!) dressed in winter black clothes (summer in greece is really hot!) with black hat and huge black sunglasses (in the night!) that covered most of his face, as she passed by she noticed his skin was kinda yellow. He didn't talk to her, all he did was staring at her and my sister got a feeling of evil and fear, like this guy could somehow give those emotions on her. She passed him by, got inside our garden, turned back to look at him again cause she had read about men in black, when she looked at him again, it was like his body had stayed in the same direction and his neck had got out of place with him looking at her! She freaked out and run inside the house, some minutes later the shutter (same shutter!) started knocking like a tree was crushing on it, she woke up my mother and they both acted like something was controling their thoughts and they couldn't think clear, they didn't even think of calling the police or anything! The noise happened again some minutes later and then it was over. (My sister also claims that the rest of us were missing during that time and we should be there!) Sorry for my grammar and english mistakes! I was just a baby at the time so unfortunately i can't remember anything on my own. It's what they told me.

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