MUFON 65844

disk like with red white & blue lights all around the edge big searching light at the front, about the size of a small plane, slanted and stops at mid air while searching with big bright lights, dark grey in color Just a couple years ago, this hunter from this community took me out hunting, it was winter and dark, on our way back to Resolute bay, we neared Cape marter when we noticed this single bright red light from afar, but that has been approaching slowly, at first we thought it was just a plane approaching, when we realized it was coming too slowly, and it seemed that it would stay in one spot for about 5 seconds before we would notice the red night make a little movement again forward, when we reached around the spot where it would soon come, we stopped our ski-doo's and just waited for it, about 10 minutes later, it started to appear clearer, at about a 150 to 200 feet away from us, approximately 50 feet from the was so clear, a disk like flying machine or object with red white and blue light's all around the sides, flashing rapidly in perfect circular movement around the ship, about the size of a small plane, a red beam at the front and a huge flash light at the front bottom and was kind of like rotating in circles and back and forth to side to side, it was searching for something, it would stop in mid air while searching with its lights, then moved another 10 feet or so stopped again to search again, it reached about 100 feet away from us and about 50 feet above the ice, I was in complete awe, and amazed to see one that close, when I that a spaceship ?, the hunter was just standing there in shock and said I don't know, and I new the hunter had an I-pod in his pocket because he took pictures earlier of my catch, so I said take a picture, because mine was very packed up in my pack sack in the back of his sleds, when he did, the bright light from the flash of the camera caught the ships attention or what ever was operating it, and it now turned its attention towards us and was now coming, we both were standing right next to our ski-doo's, by then the ship was about 50 feet away from us, when panic started to attack me, I freaked out, got extremely scared and ran behind the hunters box sleds, but he could not move, although I kept calling his name saying their coming, run, we have to hide, but just before the big lights hit our ski-doo ski's, it rotated back to the direction that it was first going still slanted a little, and it just kept on searching till it disappeared over the hill that we were going to drive passed in order to get home. and this is nothing, I have many more encounters to tell, and please forgive me for I am not a hundred % on the time's because I had no watch, but from what I asked earlier the hunter, the time it was about 8:30ish about an hour earlier (approx.)
Source ID65844