MUFON 65722

kidnapping, I had immobilized his hands and feet, my mouth was numb and I was on a gurney being questioned I was sleeping that night in my house, I remember I woke up at about 1 in the morning and slept again, after a few seconds I felt a great pressure in the chest, I suddenly saw darkness and part of my unconscious, the other party I wanted to talk louder. I stumbled on a stretcher, with hands and feet tied, I tried to speak but I drooled because I had numbed my mouth could not close it, I had a set of gadgets around, these were very simple. When I regained most of my conscience, in front of me, no more than three meters, was one of those higher beings, he measured between 6 and a half feet tall, his chest was slightly thinner than a human and waist It was very close, her legs were long and tight clothes, looked like it was part of his body. This being was interrogating a table to record data, he asked me things, such as: What was this and that ?. He showed me things that humans normally use shoes, bags, backpacks, Suddenly approached another, this was a woman, was female, and said that -For what he would do to her many questions, if you had given much of the dose, then would have to stop asking questions. The woman approached me, she touched my forehead, he injected something and walked away. His hands were like those of an iguana, very tactile ridged footprints, and the termination of the fingers was large (fingers were big heads). the color of their skin was very pale green, mint, mixed with some white crystalline material as between gelatinous forming a layer as a cover, but when she touched me, I noticed that her skin was firm. Then he took me to go, and left the room where we were, coming out, it was a fully lit building with ramps and elevators that allowed up and down the ramps had no railings ramps and the center of the building was empty, ramps looked like it did not address anywhere, but to finish up or down these strange beings could open the walls as if they were gates or automatic doors, those doors were built horizontally, everything was lit with white lights. There was some of them working and they have some other people there, living the same that me. Then I went to wake up very thirsty, I was scared, with my numb mouth and tongue very hardened, not wrapped, or as if it were an epileptic seizure, none of that, I corroborate the time and had spent only 10 to fifteen minutes and since then I have 2 birthmark or freckle on my chest.
Source ID65722