MUFON 64961

{rjl} Years of events. Triangular craft stalked us. Something was in the crop field years later. Too many events to explain. Back in May of 2009 I posted a video on youtube that got lots of notice all because I wanted to save a piece of strange history, and from that day forward I1ve seen multiple sightings of unidentified flying objects. A week after my video was posted, I was returning home from a dinner date with my ex-girlfriend at the time. Once I pull up into the driveway I see a strange blue light moving directly over my neighborhood, so I instantly think that the police are looking for someone. We go into the house and speak with my parents and then head out again. We decided to go to the river area in the middle of nowhere located in Walls, MS. As we got closer to the destination, I get a strange feeling that it1s not such a good idea since it was dark and all. I turn the truck around and begin to head back the only way I can go. As soon as I make it to my turn there1s that same blue light sitting above this house and it begins to trail us. It was so strange and creepy to me at the time, still is to this day. I speed up and the object speeds up with me too. It doesn1t fall behind or go ahead of me. It1s copying my exact speed, and for something so low and close to us, I hear no noise coming from this thing. I slam on the brakes and the light shoots off. During that moment, I had a missed call from my brother who has now called my ex-girlfriend trying to get ahold of me because he and two others have witnessed a very strange triangular craft hovering over them for a short period of time. So we all decide to all go back out to the field area and I s**t you not1 As soon as we make it to the area a disc shaped object is literally gliding across the sky flashing multiple colored lights in a rotation like pattern. We didn1t sit there for long since we wanted to see what would happen next. We move further down the street for 2-3 miles until we come to a stopping spot. We get out of the truck and watch the skies for anything that was out of the ordinary. Maybe a minute or two has passed and now we1re seeing two lights flying towards each other. When they came in contact with each other they would create one large light and poof, they would appear on opposite ends again, this repeated over and over. With that going on, the triangular craft appears and is heading for us. It would fly close to us before it decides to cut a wide turn and fly into a different direction. Then it would come back towards us shining its light that I believe was some sort of signal saying that they see us. I could be wrong. After all this going on over and over, we didn1t realize that a good bit of time has passed by so we decide to go back to civilization. On the way back a sketchy red light appears in front of us, and it1s in the sky fading in and out until you hear this small click and see a small blue flash of light fill the sky. Everything in sight was gone and the sky was back empty. It was such an eerie feeling as you felt that click run through your body, I can1t really explain that part to well but it was weird. I then rush home in shock. We were all confused on what happened and once we got home, we tried our best to explain to my mom what just happened. During the explanation my brother and his friend go outside into the backyard where they see the triangular craft sitting above our home. They rush back into the house and get me but I was too late. The thing was past a group of trees by now. We head back inside and peek out of the window every other minute. The thing would come back every single time you looked out. So it followed us to the house and just stalked us for at least an hour. I then had to follow my ex-girlfriend home which was not far from my home, and when she pulls into her driveway the thing is now flying over her house. Now we rush back to the house and lock up. I was done for the night and decided to go to sleep. The next morning everything was back to normal. During this event there were five witnesses including me. Three years later. 3 years have passed since my first ufo sighting, and it only gets crazier. I meet a friend who soon becomes a mentor to me. He1s in his thirties and I just turned twenty one not long ago, so he1s got some years of knowledge on me. Anyways1 He has no idea that I1m into ufo1s and I have no idea that he1s into it until he sees my tattoo of an alien being. He questions me and asks if I1ve seen anything in real life. I tell him about the strange night in 2009 and he was blown away because apparently he1s seen something similar that same year. So we instantly become great friends. A week or two later, he shows up one night with his sister and her fianc1. We sit in my backyard and I tell them my first story and they1re amazed at what I just told them. Moments later we are all standing in the middle of the backyard talking and watching the stars. I notice a plane coming towards the house and I stopped paying attention to it as it flies over the backyard at a low position. The fianc1 questions the object that just flew over and I was about to tell him that it was just a plane until it began to cut a hard left and slowly descend over the street outside of my cove. It was so low that we could throw a rock at it, and possibly hit it. The craft suddenly begins to turn over showing the bottom of it with all of its red lights blinking in a crazy pattern. Along with the lights there was a wild vibrational noise coming off of this thing. It was mixed with a humming and swooshing noise that made my skin crawl. I turn off the music on my phone and begin to open the camera app on my phone. It moves away slowly and vanishes. Me and my mentor literally become kids again as we are excited about what we just saw. We decide that this would be the perfect night to head out to the field. Once we make it out there, we park next to a tall corn field with no thought about it. We stand outside the car and look ahead into the night sky. An object slowly appears and a red light is blinking at a slow pace. We get into the car to move further up and the light on the object begins to blink faster while the object begins to fade away so we then stop and get out of the car again leaving the phones inside turned off. The object is back again and begins to move to the left towards the body of water miles away. This part is very bizarre but I will explain it the best way that I can. As it moves closer to the river the object freezes and jumps ahead in an instant second. So it1s further to the left from where it originally stopped. Then it appears back to where it stopped and slowly moves to the left more. It was as if it had some sort of malfunction. I still don1t understand what happened during that moment. The object is now over the river and you quickly see a faint blue beam shoot down from the object, and a white ball then drops from it. ( No idea what the ball of light was) The thing then vanishes within seconds and now further to the right another object that looks very similar to the one that vanished is rushing to where the first object began flashing its light at us. Now the other object is moving towards the second object but at a slower pace. Once the two meet up, they stop and flash their lights really slow. We are watching these two objects sit next to each other and communicate to either us or they1re communicating to one another. Either way we were heavily distracted by what is going on. Then this is when the book flips1 In the crop I hear a loud muffler noise and I don1t pay too much attention to that. But when the fianc1 looks behind us, he sees a vehicle slowly creeping by. So I1m assuming that the muffler was coming from the apparent vehicle. Then if you look closer at the vehicle it was way too low and once we acknowledged that it wasn1t a truck or a car, the white light being trailed by the red light suddenly cuts into the naked crop field on the other side of us. It quickly went away from us before doing this really fast U turn maneuver. My mentor then claims that we are possibly being hunted. We jump into the car and speed off. The two objects are not in the sky anymore and the two orbs on the ground were long gone. I noticed the same red light that I saw years ago appear in the sky, but since I wasn1t driving this time I got to look at it better. It was shaped like a diamond and it did the same flicker before vanishing. Once we made it back to civilization everything was strangely at a standstill. We stopped at waffle house and there was no one there. The hostess working at the time was even confused on why they were so slow. After the wait before going home, I was dropped off and I rushed inside of the house. I couldn1t sleep nor eat. I stood around pacing and thinking on what just happened. I felt as if I was going crazy but if I was, then others are too because I wasn1t alone. I turn on a movie and I try to watch it. I then begin to doze off and when my mom is moving around in the kitchen I quickly wake up but I couldn1t see anything but gray and strange numbers scrolling through my vision. I figured I was in a bad dream but once I came to my right senses I noticed I was awake. It was almost 5 a.m. and my mom was getting ready for work. I ended up staying up that whole day questioning myself. This is all true, and I have posted on here before but I never know if people take me seriously. It doesn't matter if they do but I am never alone. I have also had encounters with objects that will turn into solid objects from just being a ball of lights. If you're interested in knowing more send an email. I hope that I explained this in the best way possible. Thank you all for your time
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