MUFON 64587

a solid object the size of a basketball with a very bright glowing light on it the size of a golf ball I and my brother were sitting outside of the house facing north on the edge of the yard. We had our backs leaned against the wall of a wooden shed I was sitting almost to the edge of the wall, we were talking when my brother(18yrs old) pointed on the East South East side I leaned forward a bit and looked up while still sitting and saw a bright green glow light it seemed to be directly over the street which is not far from where we were seated about a 150 ft it was about 10 ft higher than the street post lamp it moved slowly as patiently waiting for something. the entire event lasted about 15-20 minutes it traveled in the sky from the east toward the north in a curved manner then hovered for 4-5 minutes then moved toward the west. All along the way it did not travel a stable consistent path it moved in a very slow speed quickly zig zagging pattern as if vibrating just a little, the object looked like the size of a basketball with a light on it. The light was bright green extremely bright when it stayed still I was watching and I could barely make out the shape of the solid object. it was circular and flat on top but the bottom was more like a cone shape not a sphere.It then moved from north toward the west in the night sky, the light source appeared to me to be the size of a golf ball but glowing very very bright what I noticed is that despite its brightness it did not give off surrounding light like a bulb or flashlight. As it passed over the tree top and the leaves of the tree looked dark like if no light shone although it was about 5 ft above the highest branch. Since i first saw it i heard no noise coming from it, the ufo was very silent it traveled on the night sky slowly until it had gotten so far i could not see it, the night sky seemed like a normal dark sky, no wind also the neighborhood was asleep no cars no people outside around that we could see, this event took place between 11:30pm - 1:00 am on the month of march 2014. This ufo came from south of the street and curved around us going north stayed still across my wire fence above my neighbors abandoned empty yard then moved toward the west across over the next side of the street on the edge of the small town where i live it went west over the bushes and trees of huge undeveloped land. Can someone tell me what are they doing here in Central America such a small country Belize. Here we have no power plants, no war, no mineral mines, no mass production metal factories only farming what makes me scarred is that this UFO came so close to us and slowly it moved until i could no longer see it, also hovered infront on my neighbors land about the height of a 2 floor building what does it want or why come to an uninteresting place like Belize in Orange Walk Disctrict. what is it looking for in the people here? someone answer me..
Source ID64587