MUFON 64581

5 or so lights in the sky unwavering then ascended from left to right one at a time. I was in Sangin Afghanistan with the Marine Corps standing post. I first viewed the objects with night vision goggles during a routine sweep of my field of fire. At first I thought that it was mortar illumination, however after watching the lights for some time they did not descend, ascend, or change in how much light they were giving off. I continued to watch them without my night vision goggles. There were 5 lights in an echelon pattern. The left side was the lowest and closest and the right side was higher and more distant. After watching them for long enough to be certain that they weren't any of the normal aircraft in the Area of Operations I called it in to the sergeant of the guard. I was told to shut up. However, I was confirmed by the other junior marines standing post at FOB jackson that these were indeed unusual. Eventually from left to right the objects ascended and raced off at high velocity. I am sure that what I saw was not of this world. By the way, these lights could have been witnessed anywhere from December of 2010 to late january early february of 2011. Duration was approximately 35 minutes but not exact. I hope that helps you in some way, it was an extraordinary experience for me.
Source ID64581