MUFON 64411

I was in Abidjan at a restaurant. A number of us went outside. 9 objects appeared overhead, hovered for a minute or so, then left, at a high speed. It was New Years and I was working in Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire. I was at a restaurant in Marcory. At midnight we all cheered and congratulated each other then a number of us went outside. I observed 2 formations of glowing orange chevrons which sort of drifted into a mutual airspace almost directly overhead above the lagoon. I believe there was 4 in one and 5 in the other. They hovered overhead momentarily, and everyone looked up in amazement, not sure what it was we were seeing. Strangely, none discussed or commented. we all just looked at each other to see if everyone was seeing it, then looked back at the objects in the sky. The security guard thought it may have been fireworks, but I commented that they appeared to be too high, and that their formation was perfect. Also, they never dropped, and the proximity between each object remained constant. I, along with everyone present, was somewhat dumbfounded, and unable to rationalise what we had witnessed. I was never concerned for my safety. Just bewildered. The two formations departed abruptly, heading from our position in Marcory, toward Plateau, at a very high speed, in perfect formation. No sound was heard at any time. No vapour or light trails, no smoke, nothing. They vanished out of sight within a few seconds. The objects arrived, assembled, and departed in perfect formation. It appeared as though the individual chevrons were being guided or manipulated by a common source or directive. There was nothing random about this incident. None of us were intoxicated.

Source ID64411