MUFON 63975

{cak} Brilliant stationary light with perimeter colored lights Greetings, I was traveling west on Upper River Road just past the Woody Creek Post Office in Woody Creek,Colorado at 7 pm on Friday evening, February 20, 2015 - I was driving along the windy two lane road and I noticed ahead and to the north, above the foothill,a large and brilliantly glowing light - I slowed to a crawl and observed, I then came to a full stop and just looked at the stationary light with smaller colored lights on the perimeter- It was just hovering there and it was clearly not a house or yard light, it was much larger and brighter- did not see a craft- I stared at it for 15 minutes and thought there was no way I was going to pass,I was nervous and was not up to meeting with our star neighbors that evening-I turned around to go the the Woody Creek Community Center to have other folks take a look to confirm what I was seeing and as I was driving I was curious to see if the light was still there so pulled over and looked north west and it was gone. I was extremely nervous to travel back home in the direction where I saw the hovering light but I went for it and floored it til I reached Highway 82. The waxing new moon and Venus were in the mid southern sky and this brilliant golden light was to the north- Thanks for the opportunity to share my story-
Source ID63975