MUFON 63955

light on ocean elevated hovered then was surrounded by 50 or more objects flew away at astounding speeds in all directions on a quiet summer night my girlfriend and i were gazing at the stars and ocean at the back of her house directly facing the atlantic ocean in arecibo puerto rico 1977. i saw what appeared to be a ship on the ocean approached by another ship coming in opposite direction right towards the first ship. when these two supposed ships merged neither one pased the other but merged as a single light which i commented to my girlfriend that at 3 in the morning this was very strange. they couldnt be talking out in that dark ocean at that hour. Seconds later that light began to levitate and hover. i told my girlfriend this could not obviously be a boat or a helicopter. it seemed suspended in mid air. sudennly as it rose straight up high in the sky about 50 or 60 lights that looked like stars surrounded it and hovered for maybe 10 or 15 seconds when i was treated to a sight i will never forget. allthe objects ufos fled to the east and west and some straight up going due north at speeds which left a blur momentarily in their wake.they cross the entire night sky at supersonic speeds unheard of by our fastest jets even by todays standards. i immediately said to myself they must be at least 100 years ahead of us technologically speaking.the whole time i fely as if something were watching me. never have had the courage to report this but somehow i feel i should. the girl with me that evening has since passed but she at the time was in agreement with me that those were alien craft and must have some kind of underwaterbase as they seemed very comfortable on water as well as the sky.
Source ID63955