MUFON 6352

footage of object on sky news website,,31200-sidon_p17694,00.html# The above link will take you to the sky news website, the item in question is an article by sky news reporter David Bowden, about 00:57 into the film an object appears above a building behind Mr.Bowden about level with HIS LEFT elbow, seemingly hovering in the air, the footage however is very blurry, as if it has been deliberately altered. The reason I say this is that I was actually watching the original footage on my television when it was broadcast and saw the object and immediately pressed record on my sky+ system, which saved the footage to my sky+ hard drive. In my footage the object is shiny metallic and shaped like a cigar, it does not look like any conventional aircraft I have ever seen, and as you can tell from the footage it is a warzone so that rules out a blimp/airship. I also thought at first it may be a street light similar to the ones that you can see in other frames of the footage, but as Mr.Bowden moves into position to talk you can see the house behind him and the object is not there, also it would be rather high up for a street light in my opinion seeing as the house appears to be 3 or 4 stories high, then there is also Mr.Bowden's reaction, by that I mean the way he turns around and looks straight in the direction of the object, as if one of his crew had pointed it out. I know that the footage is not the best but I am willing to supply the original footage straight from my sky+ hard drive if requested, however I have had a friend of mine (well versed in video editing, etc) have a look at the data file and he has told me that although it was possible to remove the data file from the hard drive, it is encrypted by sky and he could not break the encryption. Of course any other suggestions for retrival would be appreciated as I feel the footage on the sky website has been played around with and my copy is vastly superior in that you can define the shape and reflective properties of the object much better. I suppose the only persons who would really know are David Bowden and his crew that were there on the day. Sorry if you feel this is a waste of your time, but this has been bugging me for some time now and I really wanted to get someone elses opinion on it and would love a reply if possible to my above e-mail address. Many thanks, M.Richey.
Source ID6352