MUFON 62763

HUGE, Guessing over one mile wingspan, hundreds of lights, 2 small objects leading the way. I was on vacation in the small village of Kadawung, and we had about 10 friends sleep over at that night. At 5 in the morning, my cousin woke me up, and in Indonesian said pesawat besar, meaning a Big Plane. He woke up another family member and we walked down this steep hill next to our house down to a stream. He pointed to the Southwest and over the trees, coming towards us along the same direction of the river was a Gigantic boomerang shaped object, it looked like a stealth bomber, but it was much, much larger. Birds were coming from that direction and flying swiftly away from the craft. THe craft had hundreds of lights on the bottom, the were in a patterned panel shape, and the colors rippling from a bright point, where 2 smaller crafts came out and dropped down about 200 feet from the main point, and stopped suddenly, they did not have any lights, and were in a shape of a cube, than moving ahead of the main craft, disappeared into the trees. The craft than changed directions and moved slowly to the south. I ran back to the house by myself, where it was still visible. Most of my family were awake because My uncles sheep were screaming and making lots of noise. We took 3 other younger members down to the stream right away, and the craft barely moved, and we sat there for the next 15 minutes, and saw 4 box objects return instead of 2. My cousins said no other boxed objects were released. The 4 objects came back to the same enter spot and disappeared inside the craft. After The craft disappeared behind a hill where trees were blocking the view. It was gone half an hour after we first saw it, we ran back to the house as fast as we could, scared half to death. Later that evening, we were paralyzed with fear, and about 4:30, we went back to the same spot armed with knives, sharp branches and about half a pound of cherry bombs, M80s and other firecrackers. We hiked 300 yards towards the area where we saw the 4 boxes take off, and a strong smell of a chalky, brick like smell. The temperature rised when we got closer to where the smell was coming from. One of my cousins called me over and we found the soil was dry when everywhere else was wet, and had a yellow square spot. We found 3 similar spots, and in between the 3, I found a unusual Australian coin, and when I tried to pick it up, it burned, and I found the side of the coin facing up was hot, and the side facing down was cool to the touch. Over the next few days, I had some pimples, or even discoloration or even burns on my back that grew quickly, but faded after a week. The burned spots on the ground were gone the next day. A total of 13 people saw the craft, 4 neighbors, my grandparents, 3 cousins, and 3 other friends, as well as another family member, younger than me.
Source ID62763