MUFON 62706

3-4 objects moving chaotically over Amman Jordan My son witnessed this event and he lives in Amman Jordan and is 20 yrs old.He refused to report but I decided to do it for him as best as I can My son was in his flat and looking through the window into the night sky in a residential area . The light was grey-white but clearly visible in the cloudy night sky. He thought they were ghosts or lost souls as he imagined. There were 3 objects seen first as in the pics but when he enhanced the contrast a 4th less brighter object was seen. they moved chaotically and as if they were playing a game of catch me. He tried to shoot with video with his iphone but unfortunately he couldnt focus on them to shoot so instead he took pictures...then enhanced some for a better view. They suddenly disappeared
Source ID62706