MUFON 62520

Orbs of light with pulsating flashes that killed our batteries and followed our car. Me and some buddies were sitting in a car waiting for some friends to call us about a party that was going on later that night. There were no drugs and no alcohol consumed before the sighting or during. We started seeing flashing lights that looked almost like lighting and would light up the sky around us for maybe a couple miles. We tried getting a close look but everytime we drove closer the lights would dissapear. Finally when we thought the object was gone, we started driving to go downtown and get something to eat. As we started driving in the opposite direction of the lights we realized that the same flashes we appearing in our rear view mirrors and they were getting closer. Everytime we would turn in a different direction, the lights seemed to follow us until one of my friends said that they could be trying to make it so we didn't tell anybody what we saw. My friend sped up the car until the lights suddenly flashed in front of the vehicle very brightly cussing us all to yell and close our eyes. We all suddenly started feeling sick to our stomachs and we tried to call a Ufo report line. After that we decided to go somewhere busy in town and we ended up sitting in the macdonalds parking lot talking about what had just happened. After about an hour we got a text from our buddy telling us that people were starting to come for a house party. We started driving, thinking the the situation was over and that it would bother us again until we got a bit out of town and suddenly 3 bright orbs appeared, 2 on one side of the vehicle and 1 on the other. They were about the size of a car except in a spherical shape. The pulsates large quantities of energy and bright light, so much so that our phones all died and the car ignition started whirring in and out of life. The radio started playing static and our headlights started flickering. Something tells me the orbs were taking energy from our electronics and putting it into their own power system. We sped up and were about to call 9-1-1 when all of a sudden they made a very loud supersonic boom and moved faster than anything I had ever seen up into the clouds and dissapeared. I'm not too sure what happened that night but regardless I was hoping the people who read through this before they submit it would possibly be able to email me at the address I gave and let me know if this is a common occurrence or if there are any other similar stories like this that I could ask someone or get more info about. Thanks for your time.
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