MUFON 6214

one big circle of light gave off two smaller balls of light that chased each other around a crescent moon, then as one of them disappeared thet other small ball of light merged with the bigeer one and they disappeared from our sight. ther were four of us on the roof of my house at the time. we ere lounging around and smoking cigarettes while stargazing. i had a pair of binoculars and was looking at the moon. when i put the binoculars down we noticed a ball of light seem to come from behind the moon. two smaller balls of light sped off from this bag ball and began to chase each other back and forth across the face of the moon. through the binoculars(nautical) we could only see an indistinct ball of light. one of the smller balls seemed to give chase to the other one and then it met with it and the ball being chased disappeared. the remaing small ball of light then merged with the big one and then they disappeared from view. they did not go in any discernable direction, the light just faded like it was moving directly away from us and past the moon.we were a litle stunne dby what we had seen but since we could not explain what had happened we agreed that it was unidentified and then we never mentioned i again.
Source ID6214