MUFON 6202

it was orange,and sharp in the front We where at a party ,a african party in Amsterdam,the Bijlmermeer,we went outside and we were talking about this and that,then suddenly my friend said"look up in the sky!!',atfirst i could not see then he said''look in the atmosphere!!'',then i saw the ''UFO'',at a certain moment everybody was looking up,i would estemate about 15 people!,as we where looking at the UFO,it turnd 180 degrees straight up in to space,A normal "jet"could "never"go up in to the sky like that,it would break up in to hundred pieces. When the UFO was flying athmosphere it had a orange colour at the back of the "thing",and it was pointy from the front!. It was strange when we all said"look,look,up in the sky",several seconds later it flew straight up in space!!,it's like they heard us,seen us!. for years i'm searching for proof!,but this event made me more confident of their existence. Idon't know if you guys wil give me an e-mail back but,i'm glad that i found a place so that i could tell my story,it was short but it was fantastic. with respect necmettin cetin
Source ID6202