MUFON 61779

Odd hovering light observed above horizon - witnessed from Ship at anchor Basically, when I came off watch last night, I saw a UFO. Now, I am not for one minute suggesting little green men in a space ship but I certainly saw something flying that I could not identify! I was having a smoke after my watch, and idly staring out to sea, as we were about five miles off the coast. After a few minutes I spotted a light above the horizon which initially I thought was maybe Mars or Venus, but then realised the cloud cover was too great and there were no stars visible. Intrigued, I watched the light appear to hover in one spot. I thought it might have been a cab but all ours were on the flight deck and we were not expecting anything inbound. So maybe it was a local one? Not when it started manoeuvring! It climbed slowly at first, in a gentle arc of about thirty degrees, which ok could have been a normal aircraft, but then it reversed course and shot away at a hell of a speed. No way was it a helicopter and it can1t have been a fixed wing aircraft because it hovered 1 if we still had Harriers I would have put it down to that. There were no navigation lights visible just a bright, yellowish light akin to the landing light of a Hawk if you get my meaning? Anyway it shot off and disappeared. I thought to myself, that was a bit strange! Bugger me if it didn1t come back about five minutes later! It came out of nowhere and proceeded to hover again 1 though it was impossible to gauge the distance because without a clue what it was I have no idea of size. It hovered, shadowing the ship it appeared for a few minutes, then climbed toward land before rapidly reversing course again, this time in a different direction. The speed of the turn was phenomenal, and the acceleration astounding. After zipping across the sky it appeared to shoot off upward and disappear again! I know it sounds like a crap entry for a creative writing course but I swear this is what I saw.
Source ID61779