MUFON 6154

gold color hello I will make this as clear as possible.ME and my 2 sons were playing catch in the front yard we live in very small comunity 15 houses out in the country in eastern P.E.I. AIRLINERS fly right over and east of our house going gander nfld at least I think so Anyway my young fella hollerd Whats that dad pointing at the sky I looked and saw only a jet leaving contrail and I said jet and he said NO THAT and my other son saw it as well and bot were pointing probaly half mile behind the jet and there was a gold I would say round or oval ufo to tell the truth I would never have noticed it if it was not pointed out to me.we watched it fly into this jet smoke right up to the jet and went either under or over jet and kept on going of course by his time the 3 of were on the roof straining our eyes I HAD ladder on the side of the house I think fixing satalite dish or somthing earier on . this jet never alterd course this you could tell by the straight line of smoke To tell the truth my mouth was opnd so far my throat was sore for days I know these pilots must have seen this thing pass them but never heard anything when my wife arrivedhome we told her this as well.I tried to phone canadian air force but kinda to no avail to tell the truth Idid not try that hard as I said we live in a small area and we have to work and the lads have to go to school. As I said it just flew out of site this only took about maybe 5 or 6 minutes This mayor may not matter but at the time cnada was flying in refugees at the time from somewhere I think. my boys were aged 10 and eleven at the time and we still talk about it now and then this thing was gold in color at least thats what i remember thanks
Source ID6154