MUFON 60589

{jd} 3: one cigar, one shape, and one orb, different time, sme place It was at lower waterfall at Yellowstone national park at the view point from the above of waterfall. I did not noticed any movements until got back to home and start working with pictures. 5 different object, movements of 2 objects captured same time. object one: cylinder like shape was moving counterclockwise from the middle of mountain down, changing shape to shade like to boomerang with thick center, then at the bottom of the rock changed to humanoid like shade. object two: cylinder shape, same time appeared from the waterfall fog and start moving up and then straight towards mountain, then went down into the fog. Object three: shade like, on one pic- on zoom like flying figure with head, torso, 2 legs and hands extended forward-then changed the shape like a trapeze with semi-lunar front part, got into the cave on the side of rock, then disappeared. object four and five: orb like were moving one above each other: one on the flat part of the rock and another close to wall of rock. I stop making pictures - which was done in continuing shooting mode, because I haven't seen the objects during the picturing.

Source ID60589