MUFON 60293

Windsurfing and see UFO land in water Before working in city of noum1a, it habit mine go windsurfing for one hour in early morning. My spot is usual Anse Vata to off land island ilot canard. With trade winds is very common wind in morning. So one morning I is doing usual hobby when seeing something different me used to. The water is calm in morning and very like pool. I see after jibing three black spot in horizon coming bigger from direction of mont d'or which south east my position. I not understand, finish at ilot canard jibe again but looking back and see is three globes closer me. I jibe again ( jibe is 180 degr1 turn in water surface in windsurf) close beach and viewing the golf ball size sphere black coulor with maybe like airplane windows and people in back. They seem looking me! I continue my course about one nautiqual mille and the sphere not move, i jibe again from ilot canard and the sphere go slowly down into lagoon all three. Me never sea this but continue my habit windsurfing. But I hear when landing water the buzz with vapor hot water in air like the sphere make boiling the water. Lagoon is deep where land and disappear my vision.
Source ID60293