MUFON 60216

{cak} Bright red orange surface in sky between building no sound or wind noise. Appeared to follow us once noticed lowered then raised and shot out of site very fast I was sitting outside with a friend and we noticed an object in the sky. It was a large round orange dull lighted object. It had no light beams from it or around it. My friend thought it was the moon until it moved. It hovered in mid air. It moved smoothly up then down then very slowly it moved in inches across the sky. We watched it an followed it until we reached the end of the sidewalk. It seemed to be watching and following us the same. If we moved I moved if we stopped it stopped. Then it began to move faster then it zoomed out of site faster than anything I had ever seen. We did not come forward because we were kids and thought no one would believe and we would be deemed crazy. I only 14 years old. Never noticed anything different in our lives.
Source ID60216