MUFON 58563

Huge OFO hovering silently over campfire at Lake Sevan in Armenia I was the only child still up after midnight, sitting by the campfire with all the adults. I was gazing at the stars when I noticed some light becoming larger and larger and approaching the campsite. I thought it's from space, definitely. I was trying to get the adults' attention since they were loud with their laughters and jokes etc. Finally, I pulled at my mom's shirt and said, "mom, mom, look, look, what is that?" Then everyone just got silent and looked up at the object coming very close and hovering over the campfire. Everyone was speechless. There were strong lights projecting all around its silver surface. It looked like a large disk. Very large! I was happy that I got to experience that. I was not afraid at all, I felt a special connection of some sort because if I noticed it first. The story will remain so special to me for the rest of my life, although I understand skeptics1 The object flew silently towards the little hills in the not-to-far distance and stayed there for hours, by dawn, it was gone. I had an exciting story to tell all the kids who went to bed early that night. I was 8 years old, still living in Armenia. There were no other campers nearby. Just my family and two or three others with us. It was quite magical actually. I don't know if humans have invented such a large flying disk that makes absolutely no noise1I have no doubt that it was from outer space. Unfortunately, no one had a handy camera to snap pictures1.we're talking 19891Soviet-Armenia in the middle of nowhere (by a high-elevation lake--Lake Sevan) after midnight when all you can hear was crickets.
Source ID58563