MUFON 58213

long orange object zipping under plane I was sitting on the window ledge of our two story house, I was eleven years old. I was watching a jet plane fly over the coast mountains from east to west. the planes in those days didn't go so fast. suddenly ,in the same direction as the plane was going this cigar shaped orangish object came zooming across the sky. it was quite a ways under the plane. it was gone in seconds but I could see its direction was straight. the object appeared about quarter the size of the plane. the plane continued on in the same direction. I should mention we lived on the beach and I was looking over the water (inlet) to the mountains. I realized even then as a child I'd seen something very unusual and I have never forgotten it. We lived in a remote area with only float planes and I was used to seeing them. I know this sighting isn't the same type people see today, but given the year ,aviation was not that far advanced. also I just wanted to let you know that even then odd things spotted. when I saw the object I was a little frightened and also awed. I lost sight of the object as it flew into the west ,it was a sunny day and it went so fast.
Source ID58213