MUFON 58016

no person could handle how fast it took off 1.It happened at walrus island. A island were people can not live because it all rugged rocks with no water. out in the middle of the ocean full of walrus and polarbears and no place to land boats. but we were there with a film crew trying to film walrus under water. 2.we saw it far away about 20 to 30 miles away flying towards us it was very bright 3.we thought it was plane or helicopter but it seemed way to bright. 4.It was flying slow and vary steady and when it got close to us it stop moving when it seemed to see us. it looked to be like a oval disk shape but it was to bright to see it good so I tried to get some binocs did not find them so I got my rifle it has a scope then when I put my gun up to look at it. it shot up out off site in about 1 or 2 seconds. first just thought it was just a plane or helicopter but as it got closer started to pay attention to it because it made no sound and it was a vary calm early morning . but when it stopped we just thought it might be a helicopter but made no sound and it was only about 500 feet away and about 60 feet off the ocean that's when I got my scoped rifle to get a good look at it but a soon as I put my gun up it blasted off. that when we knew we just a ufo we where both amazed we watched a ufo for about 30 minutes shot up back about 45 degrees up out of site in streak of lite in just a second. The next day the we found a big walrus with a big hole cut out of it but it was still alive but it got back in the water before we could set up the camera and later that night it went from a calm clear night but in a just a few minutes there was a one bright flash and extremely loud bang and then a hurricane and waves going so fast we were lucky to have survive that night next early morning back to calm and clear weather.
Source ID58016