MUFON 57811

Bright multi-coloured lights observed from a UFO? over Dar es Salaam, Tanzania My father was smoking in our balcony where we have a view of the open sky and neighboring buildings. After a while he called me see something unusual in the sky. I rushed to the balcony and noticed an object that was flashing multi-colored lights, they were much brighter than those emitted by Airplanes. We couldn't see the shape due to the bright lights. My father would have brushed it off as an airplane had it not stopped midair that's when he called me, When I saw it, It had started spinning around and took two circles and then remain stationary mid-air for one or two seconds after which it sped off in another direction in a lightning speed and disappeared. We were both shocked and wondering what did we just see. It all happened so quick that I couldn't think of getting my phone and take a video or a photo. I do not have a picture and cannot tell what shape it was, as the bright lights concealed it. However I searched on YouTube on similar sightings and found this video [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] It looked exactly the same but much closer
Source ID57811