MUFON 57650

{dr}Initially thought was firework while filming but it never exploded have film but not that good I was looking at fireworks and noticed 4lights hovering above trees started looking through binoculars & saw lights. My parter who was filming fireworks then yelled into me & said look outside at those lights, I told her I was- she tried to film them but she said they went behind the trees, but what I continued to see is the lights move like a snake downward and lights go out. The lights went out buy number four (the last one) going out first , then the third one going out the the second then the first. Not like how a firework would go out, the number one light going out first. We knew something was odd, so we taped our statement of what we saw and drew a picture tonight I case anything ever came up we would have it documented. Our background in criminal investigation we know documentation is key to everything-even if it was just for our own memories. I told my son about it when I spoke to him on. The phone tonight.
Source ID57650